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What to look for in a home security camera in Fort Lauderdale

August 01, 2022
Security camera outdoors up close

When it comes to security, it nice to get a look of your property This is a primary reason why security cameras are some of the most effective components to include as you customize your home security system. Although independent cameras are beneficial when configured correctly, they’re even more helpful when integrated into your property’s smart home system.

Have you often wondered what to look for in a home security camera in Fort Lauderdale? You’ll be pleased to discover these important devices have more features than previous iterations. You are able to watch real-time feeds from interior cameras or warn intruders with integrated security features from outdoor cameras. You’ll even have instant access to your security cameras with a centralized in-home touchscreen or cell phone app.

Impressive features add value to home security cameras in Fort Lauderdale

Multifaceted and easy-to-incorporate security cameras will elevate your residence’s defense to a different level. These vital aspects of your home security system can be found with a diverse range of features including bi-directional talk, video storage, and mobile access. Review all of the options available to you here.

  • Night vision: Powerful IR night vision sensors provide clear footage of your surroundings at any hour. Your cameras will even keep their crisp imaging when closing in on specific spots.
  • Convenient storage: Choose devices with recording and storage cloud functionality and the capacity to access clips directly from your cell phone app.
  • Security app: Today’s surveillance systems in Fort Lauderdale are typically paired to a handy app on your smartphone. You are able to watch current streams or recorded video and even arm or disengage your security. The Vivint App will deliver a notification to your cell phone when there’s a triggered event.
  • Motion sensors: Integrated motion detectors prompts cameras to activate if unusual movement occurs. You’ll also be alerted with a notification on your phone.
  • Converse with visitors or loved ones: Would you like to check in with your children once they get home from school? Have you found a stranger at your doorstep? Modern surveillance systems, such as the Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro, allow convenient 2-way talk so you may chat with the people captured by your equipment.
  • Greater viewing angles: As a good rule of thumb, your exterior cameras should provide at least 120° of viewing perspective. For instance, the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro boasts 140° views.
  • Configurable zones: This convenience provides the opportunity to designate the exact part of your property you want your camera to cover. This can be important to better define the movement you surveil as you wouldn’t require notifications each time a vehicle travels by on the street.

Customize your own home security system

Now you know what to look for in a home security camera in Fort Lauderdale. All that remains is to put everything together in a customized Vivint smart home. Phone (954) 287-0437 to begin or fill out the simple form on this page to engage our home protection and automation professionals.