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Home security system insurance discount in Fort Lauderdale and more ways to reduce expenses with a modern smart home

November 21, 2022
Close up security home system app on a smartphone.

You know that home security systems are great for increasing your property’s defense. They guard your house from trouble with modern devices like surveillance systems, smart locking systems, and alerts. With the proper set up, you also get the advantages of a monitoring team that instantly takes action any time your alarm is triggered.

But there’s something else to think about as your home’s security is likely to benefit you financially. To begin, you may reduce spending on energy expenses through automated components. And in many cases comprehensive systems like those offered by Vivint may result in a discount on home insurance.

Monitored security systems are the right choice for insurance discounts in Fort Lauderdale

The fact of the matter is you have a chance to get an insurance discount on your home security system in Fort Lauderdale. The amount of the discount could vary greatly and is contingent on a couple elements - your insurer and the sort of components you install. While a limited, bare-bones alarm with one or two door or window sensors could equate to a slight reduction of your premium, there might be a possibility to elevate your discount to a greater extent.

When you have components such as security cameras, monitored safety alarms, and smart locks, you could get a larger deduction from your policy’s provider. If you want a more noticeable discount, be sure to include 24/7 monitoring. If you add monitoring, you’re letting the insurer know that a security specialist is always looking after your home and ready to handle any type of emergency, regardless of whether you’re you’re on site or not. To determine if your home qualifies and the amount you can save, reach out to your plan’s representative.

Home automation in Fort Lauderdale offers additional savings

If you’re interested in additional ways to cut expenses, consider home automation. Imagine utilizing a smart thermostat that actually knows your daily schedule and alters settings in correspondence. When you exit for the day, your thermostat can change the temperature on its own to help you cut energy usage. Your smart lights may be set to operate in a corresponding fashion and turn on when you enter an area or deactivate when you depart. Over time, the reduction of your energy bills may be surprising.

Complete smart homes by Vivint are easy to adapt and may be configured during the initial installation or finished at a later time with your smart hub or smartphone app. It doesn’t take long to program a versatile, multi-faceted system.

Didn’t remember to turn the lights off? You can now get access from any location

An additional means to lower energy expenses is by operating your system from a distance. Although your smart home has the ability to adjust without input from you, you can also simply control components from your cell phone. If you neglect to shut off your lighting or alter the thermostat before exiting, no need to worry. Simply pull up the Vivint app on your smartphone and make the necessary adjustments. You are even able to arm or disarm your system remotely. Wish to alter how your components interact? You are able to handle that from your phone as well.

Request your own automated system in Fort Lauderdale and get the savings you deserve

Would you like to begin reducing expenses with a home security system insurance discount in Fort Lauderdale? Talk to a Vivint specialist today to configure a monitored smart home that will decrease your insurance rates while elevating your home’s defense and functionality. Call (954) 287-0437 or complete the form to start.