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Find answers to questions about smart homes in Fort Lauderdale

November 28, 2022
Close up security home system app on a smartphone.

You’ve overheard your neighbor mention how he has the ability to activate his lights with a vocal directive or set his thermostat to change settings on its own. Needless to say, you’re interested in knowing how smart homes work and if they might benefit your family. To aid you in obtaining more of an awareness, here are answers to several frequently-asked questions about smart homes in Fort Lauderdale.

How do smart homes work in Fort Lauderdale?

All of your smart devices like illumination, entry locks, thermostats, and cameras all have one thing in common - they need to be linked to the internet. This online networking is necessary for them to be managed without physical contact with things like a Google or Amazon speaker, central hub, or your phone’s app. Your smart devices can also communicate with one another. For example, if your security camera notices unusual movement, it may cause your lights to turn on.

You could set up a few automated lights and a smart speaker and say you have a smart home, but aren’t you interested in doing a bit more? Alternatively, go with a robust configuration with connected lights, surveillance, home comfort controls, and additional components. Keep reading to learn why this option will benefit you the most.

Will a Fort Lauderdale smart home enhance my life?

It’s OK if you have some doubts. Activating your lights by the push of a button is amusing, but you likely are curious if your Fort Lauderdale smart home will genuinely enhance your life. As a matter of fact, it can, and in ways you might not have considered.

  • Safety: Would you enjoy having doors that lock automatically at predetermined times or cameras that will deliver video updates when unexpected motion is observed? Devices including Vivint’s outdoor cameras even contain integrated methods of deterring unwanted guests. Smart homes have an unmistakable advantage when it comes to elevating your home’s defense.
  • Control: Because your tools are connected to the internet, results in you being able to operate them from anywhere. Neglect to turn the lights off? No problem. Just go to the simple Vivint app on your mobile device and take care of it.
  • Usefulness: Give yourself less to do by placing smart lights and door locks on a predetermined program. You can also perform various tasks with voice commands and an integrated smart speaker.
  • Energy savings: If you set lights and temperature settings on preset plans and have the opportunity to manipulate your components from anywhere, you are able to lower utility expenses.

Should I opt for 24-7 monitoring with my smart home?

Smart home accessibility and convenience are great, but what happens in the event of an emergency? If you have 24-hour monitoring, those networked tools that give you updates also warn your monitoring team. This allows you to focus on keeping your family safe while the dedicated representatives call emergency services. The advantages of monitoring are even greater if a crisis occurs when you’re away from home. Similar to most facets of life, it’s generally a wise move to have a back-up plan in place.